• Head Crazy Girl

First Day of Spring 2018

Expect 2 to 4 inches of snowfall on average, with isolated higher totals.

What the HECK!!!

I do not want snow, cold or winter storm warnings!!! I want Flowers, warm breezes, sun on my face, longer days. I want to be able to get out and plant my flower garden and play in the dirt. My fingernails need to get dirty!!

I have seeds and garden tools that are just waiting to be used. My garden hose needs to be hooked up and I need to start stalking the local nurseries for those golden finds to add to my patio, front porch and garden.

I cannot wait to start watching everything to start growing and changing my yard from barren wasteland to lush, welcoming and comfortable.

I long for the smell of my grill to be fired up and the aroma of grilled burgers filling the air while Friends and Family are hanging out enjoying the warm evenings, good food and company. The grand kids playing in the little blow up pool and trying to get everyone wet.

And best of all. I don't mind getting up early on warm mornings and having my coffee outside watching the day awaken. Hearing the birds chirping, the dew slowly drying off the grass and plants and just enjoying the quiet bustle of the day starting. This is what I want. This is what fills my soul with sparkle and shine.

What about Spring enlivens you?

Much Love and Appreciation,

Head Crazy Girl

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