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1 Obstacle I Will Overcome Daily

Obstacles, stumbling blocks, we all have them. Most of the time we can work through them, knock them down and go on. TA DAH!

But, in my case, there is usually one that just keeps coming around. This one, this one is my main obstacle. It is FEAR.

Now I know we all hear this word. We know what it means. But this FEAR hangs around, gnaws at my confidence and motivation. It holds me back, whispers to that I cannot do this, Who would buy from you and any other thing that could possibly erradicate my confidence.

Starting a business, setting up a store, building a website, working on social media are all ways to work through this FEAR.

But I needed something more. Something that would lessen the FEAR. So I started setting attainable Goals. I have been holding myself accountable for these Goals. And I work through the whispers and feelings of self doubt. Not at a fast pace, but at my pace. The one that works for me. My life, My business, My Goals.

I know that I am new to a lot of this. And I will get to where I need to be in the time I need to get there.

"I will feel the Fear and do it anyway"

Check in on my journey. See where I am going. And let me know about your journey, your fears or just how your day is going.

Much Love and Appreciation

Head Crazy Girl


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